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Godshill Church

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Godshill Church.-Built in a striking and conspicuous situation, Godshill Church is visible from many distant points of the surrounding country-a good example of Early Perpendicular architecture, a cruciform structure having two equal aisles of its whole length, with a fine pinnacled tower and sancte-bell turret in the south transept gable. The tower has been recently rebuilt, having been shattered in a thunderstorm in January, 1904, when the clock face was torn out and thrown out into the churchyard. It contains monuments to the Worsley family and the tomb of Sir John Leigh; also a fine painting, of the school of Rubens, of Daniel in the Lions' Den. There are tea-gardens in the village for the accommodation of the numerous visitors who throng there from Shanklin, Sandown, and other places in the vicinity. There is also the old village inn, the Griffon.

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