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Formation of the Battalion

British Isles Genealogy | 23rd Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers

The Honors Gained
And Its Record In Brief

Particulars of Strength

  Officers Other Ranks Total
Total strength of Battalion on embarkation 31 1,006 1,037
Total number of reinforcements who were posted to and joined the Battalion whilst overseas 188 3,762 3,950
Total number who have served on the effective strength of the 23rd Royal Fusiliers whilst overseas 219 4,768 4,987

Note. The above figures do not include those posted to the Battalion for record purposes only, and who never joined the Battalion in the Field. The figures represent only those who have served on the effective strength of the Battalion overseas.

Colonels In Command

Colonel Viscount Maitland. From formation of Battalion to January 29, 1916.

Lieut.-Colonel H.A. Vernon, D.S.O. From January 31, 1916, to May 23, 1917.

Lieut.-Colonel E.A. Winter, D.S.O., M.C. From May 24, 1917, to April 14, 1919.

Lieut.-Colonel F.L. Ashburner, M.V.O., D.S.O. From April 15, 1919, to March, 1920.

The Battalion proceeded overseas on November 15, 1915.

Casualties Sustained

  Officers Other Ranks All Ranks
Killed in action 26 427 453
Died of wounds 2 128 130
Wounded in action 81 2,216 2,297
Missing in action 19 331 350
Died from sickness whilst on active service Nil 11 11
Total 128 3,113 3,241

Honors Awarded

D.S.O. 5
Bar to D.S.O. 1
M.C. 27
Bar to M.C. 5
Order de l'Caronne 1
D.C.M. 14
M.M. 93
Bar to M.M. 6
M.S.M. 8
French Croix de Guerre 1
Belgian Croix de Guerre 1
Italian Bronze Medal for Military Valour 1

Movements of the Battalion and Battles in Which it Took Part

November: Bethune sector.
December: Cambrin sector.

January: Festubert sector.
February: Givenchy sector.
March: Souchez sector.
April: Souchez sector.
May: Souchez sector.
June: Carency sector.
July: Somme and Battle of Delville Wood.
August: Somme, in support.
September: Hebuterne sector.
October: Redan.
November: Battle of Beaumont Hamel.
December: Battalion resting.

January: Courcelette sector.
February: Battle of Miraumont.
March: Battles of Greyvillers and Lady's Leg Ravine.
April: Vimy Ridge and battle in front of Oppy.
May: Battle for and capture of Oppy-Fresnoy line.
June: Cambrin sector.
September: Givenchy.
October: Battalion resting.
November: Battalion moved to Herzeele, behind Passchendale, ready to go in, and was then moved south to meet the German counter-attack at Bourlon Wood.
December: Holding Hindenburg line.

January: Highland Ridge.
February: Highland Ridge.
March: German attack. Battalion fought a rearguard action from Highland Ridge to Mailly-Mailly.
April: Battalion holding line at Blairville and Adnifer.
May: Battalion holding line at Blairville and Adnifer.
June: Holding line at Adnifer and Ayette.
July: Holding line at Adnifer and Ayette.
August: Battalion led off for the Third Army on 21st inst., attacking and capturing enemy positions near Courcelles.
September: Battalion attacked and captured part of the Hindenburg line at Doignes, and later helped to capture Noyelles, and attacked Mount sur l'Œuvres.
October: Battalion attacked and captured Forenville.
November: Battalion attacked and captured Ruesnes.
November and December: Battalion marched forward into Germany.

Battalion in Cologne area as part of Army of Occupation.

Battalion in Cologne area until it was disbanded in March.

23rd Battalion

The 23 (Service) Battalion Royal Fusiliers, 1920

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