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In the time of King Henry I., this was the lordship and estate of Sir Robert de Sackville, Edit.; but the Priory of Norwich held some interest here in the 9th of Edward I., and William de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, in the reign of Henry VI.

In 13 GO, John de Herling, of East Herling, in Norfolk, had a grant of free warren in this manor; whose son, Sir John de Her-ling, in 1389, settled the same, and divers other property, on his mother, then wife of Sir John Tuddenham, Knt., who died in 1392, seized thereof; and Robert de Herling, brother of Sir John, inherited here.

In 1435, Sir Robert de Herling, Knt., only son of Sir John and Cecily his wife, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Mortimer, of Attleburgh, died possessed of this estate, and Anne, his daughter and sole heiress, inherited. This lady married severally, Sir William Chamberlain, Sir Robert Wingfield, and John, Lord Scroop, of Bolton. She deceased without issue, when her large possessions passed to Margaret, her aunt, the wife of Sir Robt. Tuddenham, Knt.

Robert Tuddenham, their only son, inherited, but died young and issueless, leaving Margaret, his sister, his sole heiress; who married Sir Henry Bedingfield, of Oxburgh, in Norfolk: and in 1515, Edward Jernegan, Esq., died seized of this lordship. He married Margaret, daughter of Sir Edmund Bedingfield, and inherited the same in right of such marriage. His successors, at Somerleyton Hall, have continued lords here; the Rev. Geo. Anguish, of that parish, being the present proprietor.

Robert Briggs, LL.D., a native of Norwich, son of Augustine Briggs, Esq., descended from an ancient family seated at Salle, in Norfolk, had a good estate in this parish; and lies buried under the communion table here. He was admitted of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, in 1677, chosen Fellow in 1682, commenced A.M. in 1684, and was soon after elected Professor of Law in Gresham College, where he resided some years; during which time he proceeded LL.D., and was made a Fellow of the Royal Society: from ill health, he retired to Lowestoft, and there usually lived, until the time of his decease, which took place December 22nd, 1718. He bequeathed his estate to his brother's children; and his library to his nephew, Henry Briggs, D.D., rector of Holt, in Norfolk.

Contiguous to this parish, eastward, formerly stood the village of Newton; every part of which is now destroyed by the sea, save a small piece of land, which yet retains the name of Newton Green. The lordship appears to have passed as that of Gorton.

Mem. In 1812, a stratum of oak was discovered here, several feet in thickness, about 60 feet below the surface of the cliff, and extending more than 200 yards in length, composed of regular layers of oak plank. This part of the county has also furnished several specimens of the mammoth; and the curiosity of the antiquary is frequently gratified by the discovery of ancient coins, fossils, and other productions, after a heavy tide has undermined the cliff.

CHARITIES. An annuity of 1, for the purchase of bread for the poor, given by Robert Briggs, who died in 1718, is paid as a rent charge out of a farm in this parish, the property of Thomas Fowler, Esq. An allotment of 11A. 2R. 17p., set out on the inclosure for the poor, which let in different parcels, at rents amounting on an average, to 25s. per acre; and the same is expended in the purchase of coals, which are given to the poor.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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