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In the 4th of King Richard II., 1380, Sir William Molyns, Knt., held this manor, by the right and inheritance of Margery his wife, of the King, in free soccage, as of the hundred of Luddington, by the service of 10s. per annum; and Richard was his son and heir, of the age of 26 years and upwards. This Margery was one of the daughters and co-heirs of Edmund, son of Sir Adam Bacon, of this parish; and a widow in the 10th of the above reign.

This was anciently the lordship and residence of a branch of the illustrious family of Fastolf, who succeeded the Bacons in the manor and estate of Oulton High House. Weever mentions a John Fastolf, Esq., who died in 1445, and Kateren his wife, daughter of a Bedingfield; she deceased in 1478: also William Bedingfield, late rector here, who died in 1503: John Bomsted, Gent., who died in 1479; and Ales, late wife of William Bomsted; also Wm. Playters, Esq., and Joan his wife; which William deceased in 1516. The above were all interred in this parish church. The Fastolfs were great benefactors to this church, and probably built the north transept; their arms appearing in many parts of the roof.

From the Fastolfs this lordship and advowson passed to the Hobarts; and in the 20th of King Henry VIII., Sir Walter, son and heir of Sir James Hobart, Knt., settled them upon Henry Hobart, Esq., his son and heir; who was owner thereof in 1550. It afterwards became vested in the Keeve family; of whom was Sir Edmund Reeve, of Stratton, in Norfolk, Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas; who deceased in 1647.

From that family it passed to Gerard Van Heythuson, Esq., and his heirs; and subsequently to the Anguishes, who sold the mesne manor to Lady Graves, then Miss Susanna Blacknell, of Normanston; but the principal lordship remains the property of the Rev. George Anguish, of Somerleyton, who has the presentation to the living.

Christopher, son of John Reeve, A.M., rector of Stratton, in Norfolk, was of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge: he succeeded his father in his rectory, at the restoration; and afterwards held the living of this parish. He deceased in 1704.

ARMS. Hobart: sable; an estoil, or, between two flaunches, ermine. Reeve: azure; a chevron between three pair of wings, conjoined and elevated, or.

Mem. In 1764, the half hundred of Mutford and Lothingland was incorporated, by Act of Parliament, for the relief of the poor; and about two years afterwards, a house of industry was erected in this parish, for their reception.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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