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Channel Island
The Channel Islands are a group of British islands off the coast of Normandy, France, in the English Channel. They comprise two separate bailiwicks: the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey.

England is named after the Angles (Old English genitive case, "Engla" - hence, Old English "Engla Land"), one of a number of Germanic tribes believed to have originated in Angeln in northern Germany, who settled in England in the 5th and 6th centuries.

The History of Ireland began around 8000 BC, when the island's first human inhabitants arrived from Britain and continental Europe, possibly via a land bridge. Few archaeological traces of these earliest hunter-gatherers remain, but their descendants and later arrivals were responsible for major Neolithic sites such as Newgrange.

Isle of Man
The Isle of Man (Ellan Vannin in Manx) or Mann (Mannin in Manx), is an island located in the Irish Sea at the geographical centre of Great Britain and Ireland. Although it is not part of the United Kingdom, it is a Crown dependency.

Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Alba) is a nation in northwest Europe and a constituent country of the United Kingdom. It occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain, shares a land border to the south with England and is bounded by the North Sea to the east, the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, and the North Channel and Irish Sea to the southwest.

Wales is one of four constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Wales is located in the south-west of Great Britain and is bordered by the English counties of Cheshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Gloucestershire to the east, the Bristol Channel to the south, St George's Channel to the southwest, and the Irish Sea to the west and north, and also by the estuary of the River Dee in the north.

England Genealogy and Ireland Genealogy is often difficult to track down on the web, these pages are beginning to present new data for your use, as well as guide you in finding the latest UKI genealogy on the web.

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From the Emerald to the Channel Isles, the British Islands have played a major part in the genealogy of this world's citizens. These pages are dedicated to providing you access to all of the online genealogy data for these isles.

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