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Abney Park Cemetery Index

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Abney Park Cemetery

The object of this project is to provide an on-line index of the 194,815 burials that took place in this cemetery from 1840 to 1978. There have also been a small number of burials since that time in family sites. The website's object is to provide an on-line Search facility and access to further Research on the people interred in ABNEY PARK CEMETERY.

Abney Park is a large London Cemetery, originally laid out in 1840 as one of a group of new burial grounds designed to relieve pressure on over-crowded churchyards.

  • Last Revised On: 24 FEB 2000.
    The data-base now includes 193,000 of the 196,843 total burial references.
    These are spread over 26022 different Surnames. (Going down as errors corrected.)
    More ages have now been added. There are 67314 left to be added.
    More Christian names have been included to replace initials.

The information for the burial records indicates:

  1. Burial reference number. 
    This is the number in the burial register for numbers from 1 to 113828. For numbers above 113828 (113829 through 195217) they are the burials numbers in the registers marked as R/N 3829 to R/N 85217. (That is R/N nn = 110000 + nn) So to convert add 110000 in place of R/N or subtract 110000 and write R/N in front of the number. (This may be just R in some of out listings) 

  2. The section in the Cemetery where the grave is located

  3. Identification of the source register index in which this entry is found.

The information supplied on their site is ONLY an index. There will still be a need for you to obtain further information on the individual buried at the cemetery. You can do this by filling our their form: Research Form

Search the index for your surname

Accolades go out to Derek Hopkins and his team for a wonderful job of indexing the cemetery records.


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