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The Opening of the National Museum of Wales 

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The Opening of the National Museum of Wales

The King opened the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff on April 21st,1927, having laid the foundation stone about fifteen years before. Having rapped for admittance on the massive doors with a mallet offered by the chief architect, the Sovereign entered and praised the ideal of the founders of the Museum-"to teach the world about Wales, and the Welsh people about their own Fatherland." This fine building provides both for the general public and the special student. Among those privileged to see the opening was a detachment of Chelsea Pensioner, invited as guests of the Lord Mayor.

The King at the Cup Final, Wembley

On St. George's Day, 1927, the King-keenly interested in football under either code-watched the F.A. Cup Final at Wembley between the Arsenal and Cardiff City. Among the welcoming crowd of 90,000 were 10,000 Welshmen, largely miners, some of whom had walked to London. The teams having been presented, the Arsenal-playing in their first Cup-Final, and favourites-did most of the attacking; but the one goal of the match was scored by Ferguson for Cardiff, and the youngest among leading clubs secured the Trophy from the King's hands. His Majesty, with Lord Derby on his left and Mr. Churchill behind, is in the Royal Box, joining in the community singing.

The Opening of Parliament House, Canberra

On May 9th, 1927, the Duke of York opened the Parliament House in the new Australian Capital of Canberra. At the inauguration he dwelt on the Dominion's progress in a quarter of a century, and the hopes which the transfer of Federal Government to a fresh city, marking a new epoch, aroused. So overwhelming were the crowds at Canberra that 2,000 visitors had to be content with accommodation under canvas. The day after the Parliament House ceremony, the Duke, by the King's special authority, invested Mr. Stanley Bruce, the Premier, and other prominent Australians, with New Year Honours.

The Opening of the Scottish National War Memorial

Scotland's War Memorial stands on the summit of the Castle Rock at Edinburgh, one of the most majestic and historic sites in the world. The noble Hall of Honour, in which are preserved the names of those who fell, was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales (who is Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Scots Fusiliers) on July 14th, 1927. The old colours of the Scottish Regiments were deposited each in a separate bay, and the Rolls of Honour were placed by the Prince in a steel casket on an Altar of Marble. The King, the Queen and Princess Mary, then in residence at Holyrood, attended the ceremony.

The Funeral of Earl Haig

Several Princes of the House of Windsor-the Royal House he served so well-followed Field-Marshal Earl Haig on his last journey through London on February 3rd, 1928. After lying in state at St. Columba's, the Presbyterian Church in Pont Street, the body of the dead Field-Marshal was escorted to Bemersyde where, at his wish, in preference to interment at St. Paul's he rests in his native country. Marshal Foch and Marshal Petain were two of the pall-bearers, and the crowds stood ten deep as the procession moved on to the beat of muffled drums. A solemn memorial service for the dead Field-Marshal was held in Westminster Abbey.

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