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(Reigned 1837-1901)

Aniece of William Iv, the Princess Victoria ascended the throne at eighteen, and was married three years alter to Albert of Sace-Coburg. From then till his death in 1861 she remained largely dependent on him for advice in affairs of state, devoting herself to the cares of domesticity. With widowhood she retired from the public eye for twenty years; but the growth of imperial sentiment in her last years, bringing devotion and veneration, restored her own spirit and the prestige of the crown. She achieved greatness through her devotion to duty, vast experience And Incomparable dignity.

Edward VII
(Reigned 1901-10)

During sixty years' apprenticeship as Heir, the son of Queen Victoria, was entrusted with no office of responsibility. His instinct for fellowship and sociability brought popularity and, from the austere, criticism. Supremely a man of the world, he reached the climax of acclamation by winning the Derby for the third time in 1909. His desire for peace was deep and, during his life, effective. He made himself familiar with political developments at home and abroad by entertaining the leaders of all parties, and by repeatedly travelling about Europe.

Alexandra of Denmark

Married in 1863 to the Prince of Wales (afterwards Edward VII), she made Marlborough House the centre of fashionable life and as Queen continued to lead Edwardian society. Though always young in spirit, she lived a secluded life during her widowhood, and except for the war years, when she was very active, the Queen-Mother's public appearances in London were few. During her sixty-two years in England her charitable works never ceased, her generosity often outrunning her means, and she was beloved till her death. She was one of the most beautiful women of her day and retained her beauty into old age.

H.M. King George V

In 1935 King George celebrates the seventieth anniversary of his birthday and the twenty-fifth of his reign. The second son of Edward VII, he became heir to the Throne on the death of his brother in 1892, and on May 6th, 1910, succeeded his father as King. During the Great War and the difficult post-war years, His Majesty's bearing in public and industry in private have maintained the prestige of the monarchy, and enhanced its popularity. King George's serous illness in 1928-9 evoked world-wide sympathy, and added a new fervour to the prayer "Long may he reign."

H.M. Queen Mary

Queen Victoria Mary, a daughter of the late Duke of Teck and a great-grand-daughter of King George III, married George, Duke of York on July 6th, 1893, and when he succeeded to the throne, was crowned with him in Westminster Abbey, June 22nd, 1911. Both as Princess of Wales and as Queen, Her Majesty has taken a constant part in public life. Her work on behalf of women and children has been notable; the higher education of women, and the improvement of conditions in the nursing profession owe much to her practical sympathy. Queen Mary is keenly interested in the arts, and her good taste has transformed several of the royal residences.

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