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George the Fifth Proclaimed King

At the stroke of nine o'clock on May 9th, 1910, there appeared on the balcony of St. James's Palace a brilliant gathering. Preceded by State trumpeters came the Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England, accompanied by Kings of Arms, Heralds and l'ursuivants, in ceremonial tabards. The trumpeters sounded a flourish, and Garter King of Arms read the Proclamation, announcing that the Crown had "solely and rightfully come to the High and Mighty Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert," son of Edward VII. The Royal Salute crashed out, and thousands of the new Monarch's subjects gathered in the Mall joined in the National Anthem.

The Coronation at Westminster Abbey

George the Fifth was crowned in the Abbey on June 22nd, 1911 with all the splendid traditional ritual associated with the coronation of British Sovereigns. The picture shows the last act of Investment. In his right hand the King holds the Sceptre with the Cross ("the ensign of kingly power and justice") and in his left the Sceptre with the Dove ("the rod of equity and mercy"); the Primate is placing the Crown of St. Edward on the Monarch's head. The Peers and Kings of Arms then assume their coronets, and there arises a storm of cheering and tumultuous shouts of "God Save King George! Long Live King George!"

The Investiture of the Prince of Wales

When the Prince of Wales assumed his title on July 13th, 1911, he was the first Heir to the Throne for 600 years whose Investiture had taken place within the Principality. The superb ceremony was enacted in Carnarvon Castle, that stronghold where according to tradition the first Edward showed the first Prince of Wales to the native chieftains. When the King had invested his son with a mantle and other insignia, and when the Prince had acknowledged himself the King's "liege man," he was presented to the people at the Castle gates; and later drove forth in full regalia through the decorated streets packed with cheering crowds.

The Coronation Durbar in India

At Delhi, the historic city of the Mogul Emperors, King George V was acclaimed Emperor of India in December, 1911. His visit with the Queen-Empress for the Durbar was the occasion for administrative changes and the transfer of the seat of Government from Calcutta to Delhi. The welcome received in Calcutta, Bombay, and wherever the Royal Standard was hoisted, was astonishing. The ruling Princes vied with each other in expressing loyalty and homage, and the Royal progresses were witnessed by multitudes of every race, class and creed. The picture shows Their Majesties on the balcony of Shah Jehan's Palace at the Durbar Garden Party.

Alexandra Rose Day

"Rose Day" will always commemorate the well-beloved Queen Alexandra, whose death in November, 1925, deeply grieved the nation. This summer festival, when rose-sellers in the streets raise money for hospitals and charities, first became associated with the Queen-Mother in 1912, when she abandoned the semi-retirement in which she had remained since King Edward's death, and paid a round of visits to London rose-sellers. This drive became an annual event until her final progress 1923, and charity has benefited by millions of money. The last Rose Day she lived to see was on June 10th, 1925, when Queen Alexandra sent a kindly message from Sandriagham.

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