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The Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose 

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The Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose

Y Bwthyn Bach-the Little House-was the gift of Wales to Princess Elizabeth on her sixth birthday. This fascinating present is not a doll's house, but a completely equipped home two-fifths of normal size into which a grown-up can only creep, but in which the Princess, her sister, and friends of their own age can move freely. There are six rooms, stairs with treads about four inches in height leading to the upper floor. Our picture shows the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose at the door of the Little House in 1933.

The Prince of Wales at Stratford-On-Avon

The American and French Ambassadors, and seventy other representatives of the world's homage to Shakespeare's genius attended the opening of the new Memorial Theatre at Stratford by the Prince of Wales on the poet's birthday in 1932. Arriving by aeroplane, the Prince found the town thronged with Warwickshire country folk, some of them decked out in Elizabethan dresses that gave delightful colour to the celebrations. The Prince is greeting Miss Elizabeth Scott, the architect of the new theatre. The exterior is somewhat sever, in the modern style, but within it is the perfect playhouse.

The Opening of the New Lambeth Bridge

In 1879, King Edward, then Prince of Wales, opened Lambeth Suspension Bridge; and on July 19th, 1932, his son, King George V, declared open its 936,000 pound successor. A great throng watched the barriers lift at the Royal touch, and to the sounds of sirens and cheering, the King and Queen, escorted by Life Guards and outriders, passed ceremoniously across. The graceful steel structure, carried on granite piers, is ornamented at either end with pylons each topped by a gilded pineapple. Heavy traffic was slow to make use of Sir Reginald Blomfield's fine new bridge, but in July, 1934, 10,222 vehicles were recorded within twelve hours.

The Opening of the World Economic Conference

Never until the King opened the World Economic Conference on June 12th, 1933, had any Monarch faced an assembly at which the nations of the entire world were represented. His Majesty's speech-partly in English, partly in French-was transmitted to unnumbered millions all over the globe. At that date there were 30,000,000 unemployed, and sixty-six nations participated in this effort to restore prosperity. The Prime Minister Mr. Ramsay MacDonald, who is seen on the rostrum, presided over the Conference, which took place in the new Geological Museum, South Kensington.

The Opening of South Africa House, London

Another fine Dominion Head-quarters in the heart of London was inaugurated by the King on June 22nd, 1933, when he drove in state from Bucking ham Palace to South Africa House in Trafalgar Square. General Smuts accompanied him as Minister in attendance-an honour never hitherto conferred on a Minister in a Dominion Cabinet. After the King had unlocked the great door with a golden key, he congratulated South Africa on this new "monument of concord and amity"; and declared the building open. The ceremonial was slight, but the atmosphere of Imperial friendship highly cordial.

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