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The Marriage of the Duke of Kent 

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The Marriage of the Duke of Kent

Not since the Coronation had so many Royal guests been in London as graced the wedding of the Duke of Kent and Princess Marina of Greece at Westminster Abbey on November 29th, 1934. The event produced the most brilliant week the Capital has enjoyed since the War, and among the most signal demonstrations of affection the Royal House has known. London's uproarious greetings followed the Duke and Duchess of Kent as they left Paddington-where they are her seen-for Himley Hall in Staffordshire, and crowds waved continuously to the speeding train. From Birmingham, the way to the Hall lay under bowers of roses and was illuminated by torches.


The England-Australia Air Race

On October 20th, 1934, the eve of the Air Race from England to Australia for a 10,000 pound prize, the King, the Queen and the Prince of Wales appeared at Mildenhall, where mechanics laboured to have the machines ready for the start at 6:30 the next morning. Seconds were so precious that special permission was asked for repairs to the D.H. Comet (flown by Cathcart Jones and Waller) to continue while the Royal party were shown round the sheds. The Queen-behind whom stand Mr. and Mrs. Mollison-had never stepped inside an aeroplane until this visit to Mildenhall. Scott and Black, the winners of the race, covered the 11,323 miles in the astonishing time of 71 hours.


H.R.H. the Prince of Wales

Since 1914 the Prince of Wales has strenuously served his country at home and in all parts of the world. The War found him in the trenches, and soon after Peace was declared he undertook the first of those celebrated tours which have earned him the title of "our best Ambassador," and have done so much for Great Britain's prestige. Canada, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Africa, South America-the Prince, to the immense benefit of the Empire, has visited these in turn. His time at home has been devoted to a host of useful

His Majesty the King

Here is a recent portrait of the King who has reigned over a great Empire for twenty-five years. Hallam, the historian, said that the English have been fortunate in their Rulers, and during the past troubled quarter of a century, the nation has ever been sustained by the Royal guidance. These years have seen the most gigantic of wars, the British Dominions grow to independent status, profound constitutional and social upheavals, and the disappearance of ancient Dynasties; ;yet in the midst of change the British Throne stands firm in the people's affection. More fervently than ever on this happy anniversary, His Majesty's subjects throughout the world unite in the loyal prayer: "God save the King!"

Her Majesty the Queen

The Queen, of whom we give a recent portrait, has shared to the utmost throughout her married life, in those "long and often anxious labours" of which His Majesty spoke last Christmas in the Empire broadcast. There have been few public occasions when the Queen has not been at the King's side; and beyond this, she has made innumerable charitable causes her own, and lent gracious and unfailing support to the work or women's organizations. Yet while industriously giving herself to the service of the people, Her Majesty has found time also to manage her private household and bring up a family in a way that has won the nation's deep respect as well as its affection.

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