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The King at Twickenham 

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The King at Twickenham

Few public appearances can give the King warmer pleasure than his visits to Twickenham for Rugby Football matches, for he possesses a knowledge of the Rugby Union game which, by its minuteness and exhaustiveness, has astonished many a famous player. His Majesty is seen on the field greeting the English Fifteen that met Scotland on March 18th, 1928. The match, which was won by England by six points to none, was memorable as a battle between two splendid packs, and Scotland were unlucky never to cross the line. By this victory, England retrieved the Calcutta Cup and gained the International Championship.

The Gathering of Chiefs at Nairobi, Kenya Colony

The autumn of 1928 the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Gloucester spent in East Africa, and on October 2nd, a great gathering of Chiefs, was held at Nairobi to enable the head men and counsellors of the tribes in British East Africa to express their common loyalty. The Chiefs of twenty-seven tribes approached the dais on which the two Princes stood, and after saluting-some in military fashion, some bowing, some touching their foreheads-shook hands with the Prince of Wales. He presented each one with a sheathed hunting-knife attached to a leather belt, the Chiefs returning their thanks and swearing fealty to the King-Emperor.

The King's Convalescence

The nation rejoiced when it was made known that the King, after being confined for four months within doors by critical illness, had been able to enjoy a short outing on March 11th, 1929, in the grounds of Craigwell House, at Bognor. The invalid had long been eager once more to feel the sun and the fresh air, and on the first day the east winds dropped, Sir Stanley Hewett, the King's Medical Adviser, permitted him to venture abroad-in the bath chair once used by Queen Victoria. Queen Mary escorted him in this first release from the sick-room, which was reported greatly to have cheered His Majesty's spirits.

The Prince at the Boy Scouts' World Jamboree

The Prince of Wales, who is the Chief Scout for Wales and a firm admirer of the movement, spent the night of August 1st, 1929, under canvas with Sir Robert (now Lord) Baden-Powell and the youth of 42 nations at the World Jamboree at Arrowe Park, Birkenhead. The following day the Prince inspected the camps of the different nations and addressed the Scouts on the Rally Ground. The Royal visitor is seen talking with Dr. Victor Temesi, of the Hungarian contingent. The occasion was made double memorable by the announcement that the King had conferred a Barony on the Chief Scout.

The Opening of the Indian Round Table Conference

The historic Round Table Conference on India was opened by the King-Emperor in the House of Lords on November 12th, 1930. Ruling Princes in coloured turbans and tunics, Burmese delegates in national dress, the representatives of the Mohammedan and Hindu communities of British India, and the high officers of the Realm, British statesmen and Dominion Premiers, formed a diverse and imposing scene such as the Imperial Parliament seldom sees. His Majesty addressed to this Conference, charged with the destiny of a vast Continent, and impressive exhortation to seek a prosperous conclusion.

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